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Sonali Kaunteya

Sonali Kaunteya is a Founder and Head of Financial Advisory of Konty Yoga – a Family Yoga, a Mother, Self-Management expert and Philanthropist. A multi talented personality with remarkable intellectual capabilities.

She learnt the basics of yoga when she was a child from her mother’s instructor. Sonali recalls that yoga completely transformed her life and worked as a healing mechanism. Yoga changed her perspective towards self and allowed her to excel in multiple roles she plays today.

She realized her dream of living up her two other lives of a dancer. Over 150 people learnt Garba Dance at her center. She believes that financial success is possible only after achieving a proper balance and discipline in life. She is well versed in yoga and spirituality along with life skills. She keeps the learning atmosphere stress free and practitioners can move through the asanas without any difficulty. She is a post graduate in psychology and Sociology. 

Presently she resides at Mumbai dedicating her life for the upliftment of local community and neighbors focusing on the precepts -serve, love and give and teachings of her Gurus. She is the torch bearer of the teachings of her guru which she articulates in the modern context and enlightens people all across the world.

Konty Yoga – a Family Yoga Center is her Dream Project were she wants to invite all Parents & Family along with their Kinder Kids. Sonali’s thought is Yoga is for everyone, it’s no one’s monopoly. Keeping this in Mind she opened a Family Yoga Center where along with Teacher Training Programs she focus on Child enhancement programs. 

Master Konty

Yogis Konty’s existence: Rehearsing regular Asanas, Pranayama, Dhyana and the rich Yogic Philosophy on how to live in a balanced way and truly shined him as a human being. Yog has given him a well synchronized scope to true self & heart.

Through this practice, Konty had come to distinguish the deep impact that we can have on others when we tend to our inner garden first. As within, so without. Not a day goes by when Konty had not deeply grateful for this path and the transformation and personal growth it offers.”

As a Yoga Therapist, Konty’s offering of yoga is enthused by an eclectic background in the movement arts (Classical – BharatNatyam Dancer, Choreographer of Bollywood Contemporary Dance style & Rhythmic Gymnastics).

He believes in harmonizing Body, Mind and will through a unique blend of yogic styles and allowing the spirit to play. Intention is to “transpire” yoga as a sacred and advantageous means to research into subtle aspects of Mind, Body and Energy, teaching that when conditions of compassion and acknowledgement are present, transformation happens exponentially.

His own personal practice is very much reflected within his teaching style. He doesn’t conform to any particular type of Hatha Yoga, but it is very eclectic, and uses many principles of the main Hatha styles. Konty leads his students safely and slowly, with an emphasis on a continuous steady Vinyasa flow through the postures, and finally ending with meditation. 

He takes time to adjust and nurture his students, giving them that all important time within the postures, to listen and be prompted from within.

Prithviraj Pardeshi

Prithviraj Pardeshi a rather self-indulgent lifestyle up until his discovery of yoga while living in Mumbai. Although he enjoyed his Hotel Industry, there was something missing. After signing up for a Teacher Training Certification at Yoga Vidya Gurukul – a Yoga University, he never looked back.

It was the flawless way to bring some calm into a then frantic lifestyle, and it wasn’t long before the shift from party to asana addict began. Yoga kindled a desire that had been previously misdirected and thrill started a positive new chapter in his life.
Prithviraj has been practicing yoga for most of his life. Although, he began practicing yoga as a way to keep his body healthy, he soon realized that yoga also changed the way he looked at the world.

He had dreamt of becoming a yoga teacher whose aim is to add value to people’s lives by teaching and imparting the knowledge of yoga for the benefit of human race at all stages. Prejudiced by yoga in an initial age, his practice and devotion made him decide to take his passion as his aim of life. He started his yogic practices and obvious to take Yoga Nidra and Other Meditation Seminars along with Hatha Yoga as a path for his yogic journey!

He began teaching yoga 2 years ago and many of the students from his very first class are still taking yoga with him. His classes are themed so what is done on the mat can be combined into our lives off the mat. While the bodily welfares of yoga are clear and required after in the western culture the hidden benefits of yoga such as inner strength, expressive switch, and mystical strength are perhaps even more significant.

Michelle Schembri

From the Floor to the Air, Michelle, a Native of Australia, Grew up in a creative household before pursuing a successful 14 year career in Dance and entertainment.

Throughout these 14 years, she taught hundreds of individuals and represented her country in small and Large Productions as well as Television and Media Entertainment.

Michelle is also a qualified Nursing assistant and community health care professional who has whole heartedly assisted by making a difference in the quality of life of those elderly and in recovery. Michelle’s passion for serving her community and those around her have certainly contributed to her very genuine and unique yogic style.

Ultimately, Michelle withdrew from the world of Dance and nursing, in order to engage her full focus in the Yin & Aerial Yoga methods. Incorporating creativity, Michelle’s encourages her students to define the connection between mind and body, which she leads by example.

She is a Registered Yoga Teacher for 200 Hrs in Yin & Aerial Yoga who has trained many of the Aerialists and Yogis, offering teacher training's today. Through her continued devotion towards Aerial Yoga evolution, she remains a dedicated student to the humbling lessons her practice consistently delivers. Michelle leads every aspect of the Konty Yoga School, with steady guidance and visionary direction, and an abiding respect for its teachers and students. She continues to train throughout the world in a precise, and purely Yogic Aerial Yoga methodology.

“It is most excellent to have the leadership of one who has walked the path and can help one overcome any obstruction that are sure to appear along the rough road to comprehension of the highest Self.”

Ellie Tucker

Ellie was called by yoga 14 years ago. Yoga opened the door to another world for her, a journey of inside discovery to connecting with the world. Passionate about the benefits of Yoga in daily life, Plant-based healing and her passion for fitness- including anatomy and the bio-mechanics of the body, Ellie combines her knowledge to help others transform their lives to be the best version of themselves from the inside out. She created a method that works wonders for her clients and students to grow and thrive: Glow. Meditate. Transform.

Ellie invites you to journey her in this unique exploration of yoga which honors and celebrates us finding our own unique balance in yoga and in life, and helps us to go inward to truly know wisdom of discovery of the soul as a pleasure, not a burden. She will help you awaken to the deeper truths lying deep in your heart to help you release, let go and be free.

She completed all her yoga training in India - certificate in India and fitness with companies in the US & UK.

Shubham Dhumal

A Yoga enthusiast from the age of 10, Shubu always dreamt about being a Yoga Sadhaka whose aim is to add value to people’s life by teaching and imparting the knowledge of Yoga and to benefit the human life at all stages. By practicing patience and learning the techniques from his Yoga Guru, his mother, he teaches traditional Hatha Yoga and Philosophy in a disciplined manner.

Shubham holds the certificates and titles gained from various yoga programs at Kaivalyadham Institute and at Sivananda Ashram. Moreover he is a certified 500 hrs Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher from Shiva Shakti Yoga School.

Influenced by Yoga at an early age, the ultimate purpose of his yogic life is to give everyone the best possible start in life, by bringing peace and happiness in everything and forever.

Sandeep Solanki

Sandeep Solanki is a highly experienced and educated yoga practitioner who loves to share his knowledge with others. He is not only a Yoga Teacher but a friend, advisor, trainer and a times therapist. He is a man of deep understanding of yoga and his pursuit for further knowledge makes him an ever growing teacher. His love for yoga persisted, and he continued on with his Yogic Studies at the University level and is also a renowned Teacher in Kaivalyadham with 900 Hrs. Also completed his Advance Diploma in Yoga Education with Kaivalyadham.

Sandeep Solanki is a M. A. in Philosophy as well as a Research Trainee in Kautilya Arthashastra. He keeps regularly updating himself with various other forms of yoga and is also a Personal Trainer from Gold Gym. He has also completed 200 Hrs. of International Yoga Alliance with Sivananda Ashram, Neyyar Dam and excelled in his examination. Patanjali Yoga Sutra is one of his favorite topics he always loves to discuss.

Sandeep Solanki has assisted his Teacher in various Teacher Training Courses and workshops such as Diabetes, Asthma, Back Pain, Pranayam Sadhana Shibir, conducted at Kaivalyadham under Shri. Parmanand Aggarwal of Kaivalyadham.

He is very much influenced by his Guru Dr Shrikrishna Tengshe, because of whom his perception towards yoga has completely changed.
He will be pursuing his Phd soon under his guide Dr Ganesh Rao, who has also brought a deeper understanding of Yoga in him.

Sonal Shah

Yogini Sonal Shah, Mastered with Honors in Yoga Shastras, specializes as a Philosophy Yoga Therapist and in Bio-Chemistry of Yoga Body and Breathe. Served her knowledge for more than 10 years to various Renowned Industry including Film Industry, NSE, Indian Coast Guard, Excise Department, National and International Corporate World.

The main objective of her work is to spread the knowledge and the technique of performing Yoga Practices for attaining and maintaining positive health and personality development irrespective of any caste, creed, age, gender or religion.

She has specially designed, easy-to-perform yogic courses based on the ancient principles of yoga, blended with the modern tenets of Physiology, Biochemistry, health, etc. and tailor made to suit every individual's needs.

She is Certified Pilates Trainer add on to that she has also grabbed CPR Certification from American Heart Association.

Her Main focus is on Art of Adjustments and Alignment of the body. She believes in enthusiasm to share information and ideas. She is dedicated to yoga and well versed with different techniques and Styles.