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Konty was our teacher and he supported us during the whole month.

I came to India without any expectations, all I knew was that I wanted to practice Yoga. I returned home with friends for a life time, plus I have gained a different awareness about myself and the people who surround me. Konty was our teacher and he supported us during the whole month. He is very caring, competent, helpful, patient and adapts his classes according to his students skills. The kitchen team is so funny and amazing and they always took care to provide gut friendly dishes for me - as I suffer from IBD. I miss my soy chai latte from them :) - also the office staff helps in case of inconvenience. I would recommend people to visit Yoga, it will be worth it. Love to all of you <3 and thank you

Eleonora Nelly

It’s a great spiritual experience and Yoga journey.

Extremely friendly personal. It’s a great spiritual experience and Yoga journey. The place is very nice, perfect combination for studying Yoga and enjoy beach holiday.

Guilherme Almeida


Review by Stella Patane from Italy - The BEST LIFE EXPERIENCE EVER. it was much more than I could ever expect, everything was just perfect ! The teachers,the programm, the food, the location, the management and all the staff are amazing, you will feel so lucky to be part of the family ! The teachers are so passionate, prepared, special both on a professional and human level, the best teachers and life mentors I ever had. I approached Yoga with very little of previous yoga experience but immediately I felt so much connected to yoga, overwhelmed, I found an amazing environment and life lasting friendships, I learned so much about yoga, meditation, myself and yoga philosophy and I got so much into yoga that I can not imagine anymore my life without yoga. My teacher training was the best decision I had ever taken and the biggest suggestion for any of my best friends that would ask me where to go for a yoga retreat or teacher training. The outcomes I got are way more than the investmet I did! The meditation sessions are the best part of the programm, I loved them ! And the food is delicious !!!!!! I DEFINITELY LOVE! I LOVE MY TEACHERS ASHOK KONTY, SHUBHAM AND SUSY, they are so special and uniques! THANK YOU ALL FROM THE VERY BOTTOM OF MY HEART !!!!

Stella Patane

Konty’s vibrant energy for vinayasa and sequencing..

Fabulous experience loved my 200hr TT. The instructors were super knowledgeable and made my experience in Goa, from shubu’s philosophy lessons taking it to the next level. Ashok’s Alignment and awareness on body positions and konty’s vibrant energy for vinayasa and sequencing, not to forget tamblin’s awesome style. Would defiantly recommend them for future students. I think that more money should be paid to those teaching as you really have valuable teachers at your school! — with Carolina Pons............ Kitty DeCat

Kitty DeCat


I had being practicing yoga for 3 years in Ny, Boston, Minnesota (US) and Sao Paulo (Brazil) when I decided that it was time to go “deeper”. I started doing my research and decided that I wanted to go to India to have the full experience ! ..but at the same time I wanted to find a place that not only would enrich my knowledge but also would offer me safety, nice environment...and peace of mind for the family that I was leaving behind.

I signed myself for a 200 TTC at yoga.

I HAD AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE ! Accommodations were as nice as described (no hidden surprises), the food was amazing (the kitchen staff were always attemptive ) we even had a chance to learn from them how to cook a “dosa”, during a “cooking class” on our day off.

The teachers were really knowledgeable always willing to go beyond the “chala” walls ...we had the opportunity to learn also a lot about their culture, their values, their view of the world from their perspective.

WE HAD THE GREAT LUCK OF HAVING KOUNTEY AS OUR MAIN TEACHER ... a person with lots of knowledge,passion and yet so humble. He makes as his priority YOU with all your unique characteristics , he always checked if we were all doing all right (eating and sleeping well...keeping healthy) at the end of our yoga trainning we had built so much trust whit-in our group, that it was like family ! We not only learned all the ‘Syllabus “ we learned through example ! ...and that is unbeatable !!!

This journey will never end... as we all remain in contact, sharing our lives across the globe ! Special thanks to Durgesh (teacher), Shubhan (teacher) ... I will always honor all that I have learned from you !............. Sheyla Werebe

Sheyla Werebe

I have a lot of reasons to do it, the first one it's about the amazing teachers works full of love, of knowledge and empathy.

Kounty was my principal yoga teacher and I have learned with a lot of work (always with care & knowledge), a lot of happiness and motivation and this amazing empathy full of love...this is more strong than everything (you can not pay this) put in is possible! you can enjoy too with Durgesh, the best Hatha classes, philosophy, and any curiosity about meditation and everything, shubum it's amazing complete teacher explaining and everything, and Ashok makes the best meditations, and Asanas clinic that I have ever seen, he have the perfect knowledge about techniques and it's simply amazing to learn from him, and for anatomy sun it's full of technical to make you understand and learn easy how your fulk body works. Kitchen guys are amazing, always attendance and Making happy our Tommy. Security it's always servicial and really attentive to help you with any extra service. and his partner also, always attentive, to make better your stay, it's an amazing team, and an amazing experience, any money can pay this! Thanks for your love and support!

Always in my heart.

Anna Cuesta Meyer

Special thank you to Kounty and Shubu.

I had an experience of a lifetime. The teachers and staff are amazing! They offer so much support and make you feel confident. Such beautiful people. I learned a lot and now I'm certified and can finally teach Yoga. The facility is very safe and clean. I stayed in a dorm. All my roommates were awesome. Plenty of space in our dorm. I had the best batchmates. We started a group chat upon starting our course and still keep it going. I've made friendships to last a lifetime. I now have family all around the world and many places to visit one day. The food is absolutely delicious and plenty enough for seconds. I didn't think I liked Indian food before my visit but honestly I now crave it, so good! There are nearby beaches with restaurants and cafes. Cafes and stores nearby for a quick stop. On your off day, Palolem Beach is just a few minutes away. I recommend LITTLE WORLD - they are the absolute BEST! And ZEST- DELICIOUS! You can cycle or take a tuk tuk. I truly loved my stay in Goa. I befriended some nearby locals and plan on visiting again some day. Special thank you to Shubu, Bhumika, Carmen, Kounty, Ashok, Yuri, Tamlyn, Ms. Durgesh, Kasha, the entire office and kitchen staff and even the watch guards. Til next time, with soooo much love, Xoxo

Hari Om, -Iman aka "mama" ;

Iman Hajismaiel

Thanks to the best teachers like Konty, Tamlyn, Shubu and Ashok.

It was the best month of my life 😍 I did 200 multistyle course, and I learnt so many things! Thanks to the best teachers like Konty Tamlyn, Shubu and Ashok I experienced a different styles under their eyes. This 'yoga village' has everything you need included delicious meals. I really recommend this pleace.

Katarzyna Drzewińska

Konty, always smiling and energetic, and for making Vinyasa fun and bearable.

Now, where to start?

I was originally booked for the ashram in Rishikesh. A month prior to my course, they had to conduct the course in Goa instead due to some developments. I guess the Universe arranged something for me here in Goa.

The course is indeed intensive. I mean, yoga everyday (practical and theory) and there's one night I even dreamt of doing my asanas. I woke up and saw my legs in Garudasana. HAHAHA.

But, trust me, teachers here are amazing. I'd like to be express my gratitude to these amazing teachers:

Programme coordinator and teaches Hatha. Knowledgeable, approachable, and is never stingy with her knowledge.

Konty, always smiling and energetic, and for making Vinyasa fun and bearable.

Shubaum, for sharing his knowledge to us when it comes to the Philosophy and Anatomy. Two subjects which are pretty dry but he made it bearable and easy for us to understand.

Durgesh, who is eloquent and shares her knowledge when it comes to the ancient Yogic text and also Ayurveda.

Tamlyn, for always making us hold onto a posture for long and secretly smiling when we feel the pressure during Yin. LOL.

Susan, for making Aerial an enjoyable form of yoga and very calm.

Kasia, for her positive energy and ensuring that its OK to fall during Acro.

And this last post goes to Ashok. I call him a silent killer as his death stare will pierce through your eyes. But beyond that, an extremely wise man, and it's because of Ashok, I am falling in love with Ashtanga since I've seen the results with every practice. He shares his wisdom to us on managing our egos and it's ok to have egos. He's definitely someone I'll look up to.

And to my course mates, amazing energy, amazing people.

Love you guys.

- Farhan

Farhan Wahab

Konty went the extra mile and shared a lot of things with us.

Lots of ups and downs i.e. yoga poses, emotions and more! but really supported by some wonderful teachers especially Aliens Konty and Sün Ithilwen! Have to say that Konty went the extra mile and shared a lot of things with us. We had a lot of great moments with the teachers and was lucky to have an awesome group. So much fun and laughter with the teachers during the course and they were very understanding, helpful and knowledgable. The management was still learning (as were we!) but implemented many improvements during the course after receiving feedback. More of an induction would be good, improved communication during the course and more support from management around the clock would make this flawless. Overall was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to become a teacher here. Enjoyed multi-style yoga and can move forward with this experience. Namaste.

Priya Shukla

"Great time ". Kauntey, Shubham and Durgesh were informative, kind and amazing.

Review by Danica Dsouza from Qatar - "Great time ". I was very apprehensive at first if I did make a right choice but later my perspective changed. Everyone in Yoga had taken intricate measures to make sure our stay was safe, comfortable, hygienic and lively. The 200 hour is an intensive training and it is a total change of regime for your body for these 3 weeks. It becomes a bit difficult in the beginning following a schedule that you are not used to but later it all grows into you. Such a friendly bunch of staff and teachers who are willing to go out of their way to help you in your needs. The kitchen staff have always served us with a smile and their hospitality was heart warming. They accommodated everyone and their needs in whatever way they could. The food is cooked with love and surely you can tell by the way it tastes. Our batch teachers Susan, Tamlyn, Kauntey, Shubham and Durgesh were informative, kind and amazing. All classes thought by each of them were valuable. They understand the students well and they alter their methods accordingly which is much needed considering how much our bodies go through during the intensive training. becomes a family after a while and I personally miss all my classmates and each one of them. It is an organic way of life and I loved every moment of it. I would highly recommend to take the leap of faith and embark on this journey. The constant power cuts but it is not the fault of the school but the area. I remember on our last day they were trying to fix the issue by installing generators. So I guess new members will benefit.

Danica Dsouza

Thank you to my wonderful teachers.

We are officially yoga alliance certified international yoga teachers!!! The past month has been a journey full of ups and downs, laughs and a few tears. I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life. Thank you to my wonderful teachers and the 11 amazing strong women who shared this journey with me, it wouldn’t not have been the same without you; thank you for being your beautiful selfs, good luck on the next part of journey.

Erica Gliksman

Miss this place already.

I had a wonderful time @ this beautifull place, the 200h YTTC is a life changing, fantastic spiritual journey. And the teachers are amazing, I received so much love & support, more then I had ever imagined. Miss this place already.

Marion Neta

The teachers and stuff are great.

I am very happy that i came here to learn so many new things, give my body new strenght and health. We had interessting theory classes same as multistyle yoga classes, asana clinic or alignment for example. The teachers and stuff are great, the food is super delicious and also made for vegans and gluten free people.I loved that we could get bikes there for rides to the beach or wherever. I am thinking about anything negative aspects but it dosnt really come to my mind.... maybe just a bit hard to have only one day off, so for me it was quite intense. But at the end i am proud of all of us and I totally would come back in this beautiful Oasis with palm trees, hammocks, pool, animales around you. Thanks!!!!!!!.

Stefanie Loos

It was an unforgettable experience and life will never be the same!.

For me my time spent at Yoga was transformative, a voyage of the mind body and soul. I will be forever grateful to the teachers and amazing people I learned with and from. I have been immersed in yoga practice and have been introduced to so many paths which beg to be explored further. The staff at yoga, the knowledgeable teachers, the warm and amazing admin team, the friendly and helpful kitchen crew and even the smiling gardeners are so authentic and genuine. The tools and techniques they have taught me have helped me to be focused and prepared to start my journey as a teacher, which is where a whole new chapter of learning and self exploration begins. Thank you so much! It was an unforgettable experience and life will never be the same!.

Caroline Thomas

Now the stars of the show- the TEACHERS! Ashok, Shubham, Carmen, Durgesh, Sun, Konty, Yureimi, Susan and Kasia are the ones we interacted with (I know they change from season to season).

Being very new to Yoga, I had no expectations from the 200-hour YTTC. I simply joined to enhance my spirituality through the knowledge of Yoga. I chose Yoga for a few reasons; The first is that their multi-style program is one of the best I have come across, including styles such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa and even Aerial! Secondly, the dates matched my annual leave. Thirdly, it’s Goa, and I was born to be near the sea!
Yoga and the course has been a mind-blowing, life-changing experience for me, not only because of the impact Yoga has had on my mind, body and soul but because of WHO I was surrounded by each day. The entire team at, from the gatekeepers and housekeepers, the kitchen staff, the admin/management team and the teachers were absolutely fantastic! There was not one day where I woke up not being excited about where I was and what I was doing! Even though the days were long and nights were too short, the energy at was contagious so I never experienced the ‘energy slump’ in the 2nd week that I had heard and read about from blogs. All the meals were delicious and made me feel right at home! They even had cake if we needed to celebrate a birthday, which totally ended the day on a high! had a smile on his face from 6am to 9pm and I tried to make sure my smile stayed on my face as long as his did!! But boy, was he tough to beat!! Dinesh was ever-so-sweet making sure he created a menu that everyone would like! The Christmas dinner was fabulous and he went out of his way to make sure we were pleased! The group of students that made my class? We bonded so well and made sure each class was full of fun and laughter! A few of the girls are totally my soul tribe and we spent hours together in absolute fits of laughter, bonding over chocolate cake! The learning experience with these beautiful people was amazing and I was absolutely heartbroken when the time came for me to leave them. Now the stars of the show- the TEACHERS! Ashok, Shubham, Carmen, Durgesh, Sun, Konty, Yureimi, Susan and Kasia are the ones we interacted with (I know they change from season to season). I have never met people with such great energies before. They were awe-inspiring, loving, caring, understanding, motivating and absolutely determined to make sure we left Goa having been transformed by them. My mind, body and soul craved the knowledge and experience they had. I was always thirsty for more wisdom! I looked forward to every class and made sure I sat in the front so that I never missed a word! I can truly say I received and gave pure LOVE to every one of the teachers at and continue to do so even after I left. I have immense respect for their individuality, each teacher being so different but still instilling their essence into the teachings. They have earned a very special place in my heart that they will keep forever. We ended up learning to imitate most of them because we missed them so much after each class! Sending all my love to them as I write this review! The meditation session every evening was one of my favourite things to do! I cannot believe we never ONCE repeated a meditation in the 24 days we were there! I truly learnt to look inside my heart, break it wide open, release all that was pent up inside, and be ready for more! I have no words to explain the energy at the Kirtan session on our last day. I went into a whole new world, forgetting who and where I was! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Yoga and everyone connected to it, I thank you for being an integral part of my spiritual journey. I love you and hope we cross paths again soon. For now, “go to closing sequence” “I will see you later!” #ashoksays

Ratna Shailesh Hirani

. ✨💕🙏🏼💫 Instructor Konty helped me achieve my first headstand and has such a warm, genuine, playful personality.

it is located in a a beautiful and tranquil setting where you can commune and embrace nature, the management is friendly and helpful, and the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and fun. It is a trans formative experience and you leave feeling like you have a whole new family. ✨💕🙏🏼💫 Instructor Konty helped me achieve my first headstand and has such a warm, genuine, playful personality. Instructor Ashtok lead incredible meditations; he helped us all grow physically in our Ashtanga practice and emotionally during our Osho meditations. Shubu made an effort to get to know each and every one of us, and made chanting fun. Our vibrational frequency grew so powerful with his guidance and instruction. Susy has the most soothing voice and made yin yoga an enjoyable and relaxing experience, and had us all swinging and flying in aerial yoga. Sun was passionate about anatomy and integrated yoga therapy into the course to help us understand how to help specific injuries and be aware of how our personal histories and experiences shape our movement. Overall it is a wonderful program, full of exciting experiences and diverse teachers in a cozy tropical beach community. I felt safe the entire time and welcomed by locals. The food was amazing and the kitchen staff went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.

Brooke Wharton

I m so gratefull with Konty who showed me that I m on the good path, on my way.

I have the happiness my feet took me in Yoga. I stayed 24 days in this marvelous place surround by fabulous people.I feel so bless to found this place and these beautiful teachers. I m so gratefull with Konty who showed me that I m on the good path, on my way. He is an amazing teacher of Vinyasa, with an incredible energy and friendly vibration. He learned me that we create a beautifull art with our body.Ashok, ashtanga and adjustment teacher, learned me that when we aligne our breath with the body the asana happen. We practised too a lot of Osho meditation, it was amazing to let go and dance.Shubu, Hatha and philosophy teacher, learned methat it's not what you do but who you are when you practising who makes the difference. I felt love and grace from all of them. I will thank too all the staff, very nice and lovely people.You will stay in my heart and in my practice, there is no joy better than teaching every day. Namaskar

Nan Denouette

Thank you to all the teachers for such an inspirational journey..

Yoga was the best thing that happened to me in 2018! An excellent multi style yoga school and the most incredible teachers! I just completed my 200hr YTTC (December 2018 - January 2019)

Whilst looking at previous reviews or just reading about this school before enrolling, everyone said that it will be impossible not to fall in love with your teachers and now its my turn to say that I absolutely felt in love with each and every teacher we had!

The management and the entire Team was excellent and were helpful with everything from giving us tips on where to go during our days off to advice on how to cope when things got intense.

As much as I loved learning the different styles of yoga, learning about the philosophy and the anatomy was a bonus.

You get three very healthy and delicious vegetarian meals and they also catered for special diets for vegans & gluten free upon request! The kitchen staff were absolutely darlings especially Trishu who kept every one laughing and smiling every minute.

They do avail a laundry service which is outsourced but soooo convenient as you drop your clothes of at the school and pick it up from there as well by the next day! This made life much easier especially when you dont have to waste time looking for a laundry service outside by yourself.

Thank you to all the teachers for such an inspirational journey - Ashok, Konty, Shubhu, Durgesh, Sun, Yuremi, Carmen, Susan and Kasia!

I am glad I chose to complete my course.

Poonam Nagda

I recommend Yoga School completely!

I recommend Yoga School completely! The teachers, lessons, location and accommodation were all absolutely amazing. I will definitely be coming back yo do my next course! Thank you for all the love and support!!

Casey Gemma